Accelerating India's Transformation

Infrastructure is the key driver of economic development for any country. Development is always preceded, accompanied and followed by progress in infrastructure. As India marches ahead with rapid economic growth, much of its future is dependent on how it responds to the challenges related to infrastructure.

NEC is a prominent contributor to the Indian infrastructure sector through various projects across all verticals. The company capitalizes on its strategic and operational efficiencies across the board to deliver world-class projects that dot the horizon. Some of the key projects that are fuelling India's transformation include…

Kaleshwaram - Sundilla Barrage

Kaleshwaram - Package-6

Narmada-Malwa Gambhir

Dhola-Sadia Bridge

Dibang-Lohit River Bridge


The Bridges Over The River Ganga

Krishnapatnam Port

Missing Link

Polavaram Dam Project