The Bridges Over The River Ganga

High-speed Corridors

Ganga Path

A true landmark in the city of Patna and the pride of Bihar, the Gangapath Project is a high-speed corridor extending along the banks of River Ganga. This prestigious project – from Digha to Didarganj – is spread over 21.5 kms of which, the road is 10.5 kms and the elevated structure is 11 km. This corridor has been designed to provide connectivity between western and eastern Patna, while reducing the travel time from 60 minutes to just 15 minutes.

This 4-lane elevated structure consists of 222 spans of 50 meters each and 221 circular piers of approx. 17 meters height. It passes right under the Mahatma Setu Bridge leaving enough vehicular clearance between the two bridges.

Ganga Bridge

The Project is designed to provide all weather high speed connectivity between the towns of Bhaktiyarpur and Tajpur, connecting North and South Bihar. Of the total 50.943 km project length, the road length is 45.393 km and main bridge across the river Ganga is 5.55 kms long.

The four lane bridge will have 45 spans each of length 125 m, one of the longest spans for a bridge in India. The segmental erection is done using the balanced cantilever erection method with a 200 mt capacity launching gantry of length 278 m.