Sundilla Barrage

Kaleshwaram Project

After the bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh, the Govt. of Telangana decided to redesign the existing Pranahita Chevalla Lift Irrigation Scheme. Renamed the ‘Kaleshwaram Project’, it is being developed with an aim to supply water to the drought prone upland regions of Telangana State, irrigating about 18.25 lakh acres of new ayacut and further stabilizing 18.82 lakh acres, a total of 37.07 lakh acres.

The redesigned project now includes three barrages. To supply water to upland areas of Telangana, within the previously intended timelines, the barrage was to be completed in record time of just one year, instead of five years’, the time that is normally required for a project of this magnitude.

The construction of this barrage involves the pouring of 10 lakh cubic meters of concrete, 52,000 tonnes of steel, 3,80,000 tonnes of cement and a total of 5300 secant piles of length 40,000 rm. Once completed, the barrage will have a total of 74 gates, weighing 15593 mt. The barrage spanning a total length of 1.45 km, would require 30 lakh cubic meters of earth to be excavated and would require 40 lakh cubic meters of earth to form guide bunds and flood banks. The barrage will have a total water storage capacity of 8.83 tmc and a total discharge capacity of 57000 cumecs.