Narmada-Malwa Gambhir Link Project

Micro Irrigation and Distribution Network

One of NEC’s defining qualities is its ability to adapt new, innovative technologies to respond to the challenges in a fast-changing world.

One of the finest examples of this characteristic is the Narmada-Malwa Gambhir Link Project. NEC has undertaken the project to supply irrigation water to 50,000 hectares of land, through a pressurised piped distribution network using wireless SCADA, an automated system designed for controlling, metering and monitoring from a centrally automated control room.

The highlight of this major project is the supply of water using an Outlet Management System and through pressurised pipelines to micro levels of areas as little as 40 ha level, making it convenient for the farmer to connect to drip or sprinkler irrigation without the use of any other electrical source. Some of the main components of this project include, 4 pump houses each housing 9 pumps of 3 mw capacity each, a 68 km long gravity/ pressurised pipeline of 3 m dia, a 147 km long distribution mainline of 500 mm to 2.5 m dia and a 700 km long HDPE distribution pipeline.