Polavaram Dam Project

The lifeline of Andhra Pradesh

NEC is on a mission to fulfil the half-century-old dream of the people of Andhra Pradesh with the Polavaram Dam Project, the most prestigious and challenging project in India with 7.2 lakh acres of new ayacut created for irrigation during phase I and 12 lakh acres in phase II, and another 23.5 lakh acres of stabilized ayacut.

NEC was entrusted with the responsibility of constructing the Polavaram Project by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, once it became clear that the previous contractor could not meet the herculean challenges associated with completion of this mammoth Project.

The construction of this mega structure, with a pier height of 54 m and a total of 48 gates spanning 1070 m, requires pouring of 31 lakh cubic meters of concrete, 50,000 tonnes of steel and 9,30,000 tonnes of cement, all in record time.

The project has set a world record by pouring 32,315.5 cubic metres of concrete into the spillway channel of the project. With this the project has clinched two Guinness World Records® achievements — one for the ‘most concrete continuously poured in 24 hours’ and second for the ‘largest continuous concrete pour’. Read More

The Polavaram Project would irrigate a total of 42 lakh acre ayacut in two phases and influence the supply of water to all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Designed to withstand massive floods that could occur once in a 1000 years, the Polavaram Spillway is set to have the highest discharge capacity in the world. At 50 lakh cusecs, it is set to surpass even the 3 Gorges Dam of China, one of the largest dams in the world, which has a discharge capacity of 47 lakh cusecs. Polavaram dam has a total capacity of 194 tmc of water and the design allows for 99.23% utilization of water with a dead storage capacity of a mere 1.5 tmc. This landmark project would ensure sufficient supply of water for the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.