Serving the Nation with Pride

NEC takes pride in being one of the very few companies in India qualified to undertake sensitive defence contracts to build infrastructure essential for national security.

Strategic Projects

Through specialized expertise, category knowledge and customized engineering solutions, NEC has won the trust and approval to deliver a range of capabilities required by the Ministry of Defence. NEC has demonstrated multi-disciplinary competencies in engineering and construction to accomplish these complex mission-critical projects.

Shipyard Facilities with Shiplift & Transfer System

NEC has been entrusted with the task of building an advanced shipyard equipped with ship lift and transfer system. The ship lift platform is 165 m long and 22 m wide designed for an MDL of 170 mt/m and a total lifting capacity of 28000 t consisting of 56 nos of 650 mt capacity hoists. The transfer system consists of 44 trestles with carrying capacity of 500 t each with a total of 88 bogies of 250 t capacity each.

The project also includes design, fabrication and erection of a covered structural steel shed 254 m long, 127 m wide and 53 m in height, the supply and commissioning of 2 nos of 200 t capacity single failure-proof EOT cranes for the handling of operations in the project, the construction of 2400 nos M40 grade cast in-situ bored piles with structural steel liners of dia. 1000 mm and 1200 mm in marine conditions, the construction of repair bays on either side of the ship lift platform to carry out the repairs and construction of vessels and the design and construction of 253 m long and 83 m wide shore protection jetty for berthing operations.

Project Varsha - Outer Harbour

The outer harbour, Project Varsha is a major strategic project undertaken by NEC on the east coast of India. Some of the major components of the project include dredging of 12.7 million cubic meters of the sea bed up to a depth of 21 m, reclamation of 6.83 million cubic meters including ground improvement and sand stacking for bench nourishment.

The execution of the 2.9 km long breakwaters with a total height of 36 m involves the laying of 1,93,000 sqm of proprietary non-woven geotextile to improve the ground conditions beneath the breakwaters, 49.45 lakh cubic meters of rock ranging from 10 kg to 10 t situated at the core, roundheads, toes and the sides of the breakwaters and more than 85,000 cubic meters of M35 grade high density unreinforced crown wall 7m high on the breakwaters, around 22500 nos of concrete armour blocks ranging from 12.5 mt to 45 mt on the sides of the breakwaters.

The construction of the 2.29 km long jetties and berths include a total of 1901 cast in-situ bored concrete piles with structural steel liners of diameter varying from 1000 mm to 1500 mm, more than 90,000 cubic meters of rock under the jetties for scour protection, more than 2.1 lakh cubic meters of M50 grade concrete is involved in the construction of these jetties and berths.