Unearthing Development

NEC, through its expertise in irrigation, has stamped its authority as a leader in this sector. The company has garnered high-performance credentials in building vital turnkey projects in adherence to stringent schedules with complete quality assurance by deploying advanced equipment and skilled manpower. Behind numerous high value irrigation projects, NEC demonstrates specialized expertise in the construction of canals, aqueducts, barrages, lift irrigation works and other irrigation structures.

Pranahita Chevella Lift Irrigation Scheme package-6 1. Lifting of 1.903 tmc water per day to a height of 10.5 m in single stage pump house.
2. 7 pumps with 125 mw and with discharge capacity of 80.17 cumecs each.
3. Complete under ground pump house complex with 10 mø twin tunnels of 9.57 km length.
Pranahita Chevella Lift Irrigation scheme package-21 1. Lifting of 25 tmc of water to a height of 69 M with 2 pumps of 23.25 cumecs discharge each.
2. Improvements to tanks and canals.
Construction of Komaram Bhim project package-18 1. Formation of reservoir across peddavagu River with a gross storage of 10.393 tmc, Which will irrigate 45,500 AC two crops i.e. khariff and Rabi.
2. The headworks consist of 9 vents, radial crest gates of 12X11 m size and 1012 m earth bund and NOF Dam of 45 m length.
3. The Length of left main canal is 65 kms and ayacut 39,500 AC. The length of R.F canal is 7.300 km and ayacut 6,000 Ac.
Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Scheme package-1 1. Lifting of 2 tmc of water per day for 60 days from Srisailam reservoir to Anjanagiri reservoir.
2. Approach channel of 2.205 km.
3. Lifting of water by 112 m height with 8 pumps of 145 mw. Underground pump house complex.
Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Scheme package-4 1. Lifting of water to 104 m height with 8 Nos pumps of 145 mw each with a discharge capacity of 85 cumecs each.
2. Earth work excavation and twin tunnels.
Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Scheme package-10 1. Formation on Vattem reservoir bund from km 6.90 to km 11.55 (4.65 km).
2. Maximum height of reservoir bund with zonal section is 52.00 m.
3. Reservoir capacity 16.58 tmc Ayacut 95,000 Ac.
Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Scheme package-13 1. Construction of Kurumurthyraya reservoir with earth bund from km 0.00 to km 4.50 with a storage capacity of 19.15 tmc.
2. Ayacut 2.80 lack acres.
Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Scheme package-16 1. Excavation of approach channel of 1.435 km with a discharge capacity of 377 cumecs from Kurumurthyraya Reservoir.
2. Twin tunnels of 8.50 mø up to surge pool.
3. Complete underground pump house complex.
4. Single stage Francis turbine pumps and with 5 Nos motors of 145 mw each to lift water for 127.90 m height and to drop in Udandapur reservoir.
Kaleswaram project Sundilla Barrage 1. construction of 1326 m length of Barrage, across Godavari River to store 7.50 TMC of water.
2. 68 Nos of Radial crest gates 15X10.50 M size, with MF discharge of 57,000 cumecs.
3. In this work secant piling cut off is being done, first time in India for barrage raft on permeable foundations.
Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme package-1 1. Formation of bund from km 0.000 to 15.00.
2. Excavation of tunnels of 9 mt ø for a length of 2.10 kms.
3. construction of CM & CD works on the canal.
Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme package-6 1. Formation of shivannagudem balancing reservoir in Marrigudem (M) under Dindi Lift Irrigation scheme from km 0.00 to 3.660 with 11.968 tmc capacity.
2. Maximum height of bund 47.10 m.
3. Ayacut 1,55,000 Ac.
KLIS-stage II 1. Lifting of water with 5 nos of pumps with a capacity of 30 mw each.
2. 5.0 km length of 6.85 m dia tunnel is excavated with in 14 months, a record achievement in Indian History.
Construction of Narmada–Malawa Gambhir Link project. Lifting 15 cumecs of water to a Head of 500 m in four stages of pumping capacity of 85 mw (36 pumps) and delivering water to 40 ha level. Controlling metering and monitoring from a centrally automated control room for the entire 50,000 ha using SCADA system.
SSP stage II phaseI (Sripada sagar project) 1. Fabrication, supply and laying of pipe lines.
2. Supply and erection of pumps and motors and allied electro mechanical works.
Bheema Lift Irrigation Project-Lift II 1. Lifting 10 tmc of water to a height of 61 m in two stages.
2. Construction of surgepool, pump house and cisetrn.
Chagallu Barrage under PABR stage II package-33 1. Construction of Barrage to a capacity of 1.50 tmc.
2. Spillway 291.50 m long and 37 m height.
3. The discharge capacity is 9712 cumecs.