Marine Infrastructure

Making Waves

NEC is a leader in marine infrastructure development. Supported by an accomplished R&D team, the company has developed a consummate ability to build deep wells, berths, jetties, wharves, mooring dolphins, breakwaters and coastal & shore protection projects in the open seas.

NEC has built over 12800 rm of berthing structures across most of the major ports in the country. Importantly, more than 6000 rm of these structures were built employing the company’s in-house innovative and cost-effective designs.

Navayuga has built over 12800 rm of berthing structures across most major ports in the country

Construction of NRW Berth & Approaches and NRW Land Berth Area at Kakinada. Construction of 635 m long Berth & Approaches and 100 m long Supported by RCC bored cast in-situ marine piles and a T-Shaped Diapharam wall.
Construction of proposed 5th & 6th Berths at Kakinada (30 m x 603 m). 5th & 6th Berths of length 603 m and 30 m wide Deck supported on RCC bored pile foundations.
APPDCL -Sea Water Intake and outfall System for Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station at Nellore. 1) Groynes of 380 m length.
2) Intake Channel of 335 m long and 5 m wide.
3) Forebay 32.45 m length and Pumphouse.
4) 2.2 m dia and 1.8 m dia for a length of 11 km pipeline.
5) HM, EM, C&I and Electro chlorination systems.
Development of 7th Berth at Kakinada Deep Water Port. The scope of work includes construction of 400 m x 35 m main berth and 85 m x 25m of approach jetty.
Design And Construction of Shipyard Facilities and Allied Services at SBC(V), Visakhapatnam. a) Civil works and internal services.
b) Ship-Lift and transfer system including HVAC, Fire-fighting system.
c) MEP works.
Construction of Degaussing Jetty at Visakhapatnam. 270m long jetty supported on RCC bored cast-in-situ marine piles.
Conversion of jetties WJ3, WJ2 and WJ1 into multipurpose quay berths with end protection, for Visakhapatnam Port Trust. Dismantling existing RCC piled jetties and construction of 784 m long berth. The project executed on NECL's in-house alternate design proposal consisted of RCC Diaphragm wall, Bored piles and cellular deck.
Construction of multipurpose berth EQ-7 in the Inner Harbour at Visakhapatnam Port Trust. 255 m long Berth consisting of bored cast-in-situ RCC vertical & Raker piles and T-shaped diaphragm wall with cellular Deck.
Construction of LPG Handling Jetty at Pipavav Port, Gujarat. Offshore berthing structure to accommodate 25,000 dwt vessels comprising a 150 m long approach jetty, 6 mooring dolphins, 2 breasting dolphins with central unloading platform, supported on cast-in-situ vertical marine piles, RCC deck and Rock Bund (13.50 lakh tonnes).
Construction of Multipurpose Berth 4B in continuation to Berth No. 5 at Haldia Dock. Berth consisted of RCC marine piles, diaphragm walls of 600 mm and 1100 mm thickness, deck of 250 mm thickness, service duct and retaining wall.
Construction of Cargo Berth No. 8 (Multipurpose) at Tuticorin Port. 340m long jetty consisting of 1200 mm diameter cast-in- situ bored piles, concrete deck slab, formation of rock bund and 60,000 sqm reclamation.
Entire Make-up Water System on EPC Turnkey basis for Simhadri Thermal Power Project, Stage-I for NTPC, Visakhapatnam (2500 mw). Complete engineering and construction of seawater intake system (9000 cum / hr) with 750 m Open Sea Approach, Sweet Water Intake, Pipelines (50 km) Transmission lines (60 km), SCADA Instrumentation, Data & Voice Communication system etc.
Construction of 9th Cargo Berth at Kandla Port. 281 m long Jetty with 1000 mm and 1200mm diameter cast- in-situ RCC bored piles, composite RCC deck etc.
Modification of existing Container Berth in Jawaharlal Nehru Port. Container Berth of 680 m length founded on 1000 mm diameter bored cast-in-situ RCC piles.
Construction of Deep Draft Multipurpose Berth at New Mangalore Port. 381 m long berth with 1100 mm thick diaphragm walls with pre-stressed rock anchors of 225 t capacity, 1000 mm and 1100 mm diameter bored cast-in-situ RCC piles.
LSTK-1 package - Seawater Intake, Outfall and Product Water Conveyance System of 5.8 MGD Sea Water Destination Project, CPCL. Construction of 17.1 OD intake well with pump house, 500m long approach jetty, 30 km long pipelines along with hydro-mechanical & electro-mechanical works.
Development of OSV Facility & 4th Berth for Kakinada Seaports Limited. Construction of 300 m long 4th berth with piled approach (125 m long) & 2nos. OSV Jetties each 200 m long besides reclamation bunds at Kakinada Port.
Construction of Cargo Berth at Ennore Port. The berth structure consists of 250m length and 27.5 m width with return wall. The berth structure supported by
1200 mm dia cast in situ bored piles of 4,885 RM (180 Nos.) infront and diaphragm wall of 1200 mm thick 6,859 sqm. in rear side to retain the earth