On the Highway to Growth

One of the first companies to visualise the importance of taking up BOT projects, NEC has scaled new heights with every kilometre of road it has laid. NEC’s expertise coupled with advanced infrastructure has enabled the company to break new grounds in the sector. The company has executed some of the most prestigious and complex road projects, including highways and bridges, across the country in the recent past.


Capacity Augmentation of the Mumbai - Pune Expressway Construction of Four lane twin tube tunnel, World's Longest 8 Lane Tunnel of length 10.67 km.
Construction of bridges across Dibang river system and connecting road between Bomjur - Meka. The highway project is intended to construct roads and Bridges totalling to 30.950 km in two locations. This mainly involves construction of 3 bridges (total length 6.25 km) over the Dibang river system and the construction of 2100 m bridge 'over Lohit River at Alubarighat and approach roads of 9.90 km.
Construction of the Dhola-Sadia bridge. Construction of a 12.9 m wide, 9.12 km long bridge on river Brahmaputra between Dhola & Sadia Ghats. This is the longest bridge over water in India.
Quazigund to Banihal Section of NH-1A. The total length of the project is 15.35 km, this includes 'D' shape twin tunnel of 10m dia of length 8.45 km each. The project also includes three major bridges, RUB and viaduct, 6 minor bridges and 2 toll plazas.
Four Lane Highway of Kundapur to Suratkal & Mangalore to Kerela Border. Construction of Four Lane Highway from Kundapur to Suratkal section (75 km) & Manglore to Kerala Border (15 km). 2 Flyovers, 1 ROB, 9 Major Bridges, 10 Minor Bridges, 22 Vehicular Underpasses, 3 Nos of Toll Plazas.
Ganga Path 21.50 km long 4-lane road project with a 11 km long elevated structure. In addition to this Grade separators, ROb, Underpasses, Connecting roads etc.,
Construction of 6 Lane Elevated Road at Ghaziabad, U.P., India. Construction and Development of 6-Lane Hindon Elevated road. The elevated structure of 9.3 km is designed to have 6 lanes on a single pier and segment.
Construction of High level Bridge across Campbell canal at Bhavanipuram High level Bridge – 525 m x 12 m (Spans 15 Nos. of each 35 m) supported on 1.50m dia. Piles, sub-structure with Pile Caps & RCC Return Walls (for abutments) and super-structure with precast PSC I – Girder Beams & cast-in-situ RCC Slab.
The Ganga-Project, Bakhtiyarpur bypass of NH-31. he proposed facility comprises of 4 lane Bridge across River Ganga (5.55 km long with a span of 125 m) and 45.393 km long approach road including ROB, Major & Minor bridges.
Silkyara bend-Barkot tunnel Construction of 2 lane Bi-directional tunnel of length 4.5 km with escape tunnels and approach road of length 0.33 km
Construction of Flyover at Naraina T- Point Ring Road, New Delhi (Civil Works) Construction of two lane flyover of length 1.2 km supported by plie foundations, RCC Substructure and precast prestressed concrete segmental superstructure.
Construction of Grade Separator at Ring Road, GT Karnal Road Intersection at Azadpur, Delhi. Construction of flyover consists of a viaduct portion of 334 m with pre-stressed concrete box girder superstructure and approaches of 282 m and underpasses.
Construction of Flyover and Underpasses with FOB's at Shyam Lal College Crossing on Grand Trunk Road, Delhi. Construction of flyover consists of 6 lane viaduct portion of 340 m & approaches of 235 m with RE Panels and 4 lane underpass of 210 m. with Diaphragm walls at Shyam Lal College Crossing and another underpass with Diaphragm wall. Construction of underpass and Four Nos. Clover leaves with FOB's at ITO Chungi Crossing, Delhi.
  • Dhola-Sadia bridge: Longest River Bridge in India. Inaugurated by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and dedicated to the Nation.
  • Nellore Bypass: Project valued at 163.78 crores was completed two months ahead of schedule.
  • Bangalore-Neelamangala Expressway: Largest BOT project awarded by NHAI to a single contractor.
  • Quazigund to Banihal: One of the Longest Highway tunnels in India.
  • Bridges across the Dibang River System: 50 m span with pre-cast segments with external pre-stressing technology-First time in India.
  • Construction of missing link under Capacity Augmentation of the Mumbai - Pune Expressway, Four lane twin tube tunnel, World's Longest 8 Lane Tunnel of length 10.67 km.
  • Bridge across river ganga near bakhtiyarpur: Longest continuous span bridge ever built in India. Super Structure is of steel composite section with extra dosed cable technology. First in the world to launch 3.0km long bridge with incremental launching technology.
  • Hyderabad-Bangalore section of the NH-7: 6 lanes on a single segment and Pier, First time in India.
Improvements and Formation of Double Lane Road on Krishna Left Flood Bank, Krishna District Andhra Pradesh. Formation of Flood Bank Protection Works, Double lane BT Road Formation of 58.50 km on Krishna left flood bank canal.
Four Laning of Armur – Adloor Yellareddy stretch of Nagpur- Hyderabad Section on NH-7 in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Two to Four Laning of NH-7 from Armur to Adloor Yellareddy section of total length 60.25 Km including widening/ construction of all structures including perkit bypass of 6.488km and 12 minor bridges.
Upgradation, Operation and Maintenance of km of Hyderabad Bangalore section of NH-7 in Karnataka. Six laning of 22.25 km long stretch on BOT basis near Devanahalli on Hyderabad-Banglore section of NH-7. The Project involves construction of Elevated Structure of 3.8 km long, 2 Flyovers of 1.2 km long, 6 Minor Bridges & 1 RUB etc.